Vol: 4 Issue: 5 (Sep - Oct 2014)

Editorial: Esthetics and biomechanics in orthodontics
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 108-110

The Experts Corner: Laser therapy for faster orthodontic tooth movement
Wasundhara A. Bhad-Patil
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 111-115

Original Article: Comparative analysis of weld properties of titanium-niobium, titanium molybdenum and stainless steel archwires
Vinod Pattabiraman, V. Shashikala Kumari, Sarala Upadhya and Nausheer Ahmed
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 116-120

Original Article: Evaluation of one-step micro polishers for residual resin removal after debonding on fl uorosed teeth
Padmalatha Challa, Sunitha Chakravarthi, Palla Venkata Yudhistar and Naveen Rayapudi
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 121-125

Original Article: Morphological changes of the facial skeleton in Class II/1 patients treated with orthodontic functional appliances
Dana Fe┼čtila, Mircea Ghergie, Nezar Watted and Muhamad Abu-Hussein
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 126-132

Case Report: Orthodontic management of unfavorably impacted maxillary central incisor (sickle incisor)
Abhisek Ghosh, Siddhartha Dhar and Sudeshna Kar
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 133-138

Clinical Pearl: Mittal bonded tongue thrusting appliance
Rekha Mittal, Shirish M. Bapat and Nishita Garg
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 139-140

Clinical Innovation: Diagnosis simplifi ed-the angular cephalometric analyzing protractor
Abhay Kumar Jain, Sushma Shenoy and Raj Kumar Jaiswal
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 141-143

Clinical Pearl: Easy and effective technique of preventing incisor fl aring during Forsus treatment
Siddharth Shashidhar Revankar, Vikram Pai and Chetan Shankar1
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 144-145

Book Review: How to read a paper: The basics of evidence-based medicine
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(5) 146-147