Vol: 7 Issue: 3 (May - Jun 2017)

Editorial: Is-Less-Really-More?
Nikhilesh R. Vaid
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 111-112

Experts Corner: Skeletal and Dentoalveolar Changes after Skeletal Anchorage-assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion in Young Adults: A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study
Evan. A. Clement and N. R. Krishnaswamy
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 113-119

Special Feature: A Perspective on an Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society Board: A SWOT Analysis and Proceedings of Deliberations at the APOS Boards Forum Held at the 9th APOC, Bali, on September 2, 2016
Mike J. Razza, Joseph Varghese and Wilson Lee
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 120-122

Original Article: The Comparison of Patient Satisfaction after “Surgery First” and Conventional Orthognathic Surgery: An Original Research
Pritam Mohanty, Swati Saraswata Acharya, Nivedita Sahoo, Sushila Sah and Sanjeeb Kumar Sahu
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 123-129

Original Article: Cephalometric Profile of Bangladeshis: Tweed’s Analysis
Hasan Md Rizvi and Md Zakir Hossain
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 130-134

Original Article: Comparison between Still Photography and Videography for Smile Analysis
Jyoti Chaudhary, Sanket Agarkar, Ravindra Manerikar and Jayesh Rahalkar
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 135-144

Clinical Showcase: Open Bite Treated with Extractions and Temporary Anchorage Devices
Carol Weinstein, Ana Cruz and Bárbara Feldman
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 145-153

Book Review: Clinical Guide to Accelerated Orthodontics
Chandani Shah‑Parekh, Doshi Viraj and Ved Vinita
APOS-Trends Orthod; 7(3) 154-154