Vol: 4 Issue: 6 (Nov - Dec 2014)

Editorial: Spot on orthodontics! Pun intended: The impact of white spot lesions on 21st century orthodontics
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 148-150

Experts Corner: No more monkey business with impacted canines
S Jay Bowman
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 151-155

Original Article: Second molar calcifi cation stages to evaluate skeletal maturation: A cross-sectional radiographic study
Vijayashree U H, Vikram Pai and Vijay R Naik
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 156-161

Original Article: Evaluation of smile esthetics in Central India
Rajesh Balani, Upendra Jain, Amitabh Kallury and Gurmukh Singh
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 162-168

Original Article: A clinical and radiographic study to evaluate the rate of retraction of maxillary canine using nickel-titanium closed coil spring with two different bracket systems
P. Adarsh Reddy, Ramachandra Prabhakar, Swati Saraswata Acharya and M. K. Karthikeyan
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 169-177

Clinical Pearl: ‘O’ device: For easy placement of open coil spring
Chetan Shankar, Priyaranjan B. Chakravorty and Siddharth Revankar
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 178-179

Clinical Pearl: Intrusion of over-erupted maxillary fi rst molar using a mandibular removable acrylic bite plate
Namit Nagar, Pratik Gupta and Prabhuraj Kambalyal
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 180-182

Clinical Pearl: “Attaching crimpable hooks: An easy way out”
Sushma Shenoy, Abhay Kumar Jain, Sudhir Kapoor, Bikram Shetty and Gautam Gangappa
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 183-184

Case Report: Orthodontic camoufl age via total arch movement in a Class II with idiopathic condylar resorption
Ji-Sung Jang, Byeong Tak Keum, Hui-Joo Seo and Kee-Joon Lee
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 185-190

Case Report: Management of Skeletal Class II, deep bite
Poorya Naik Dhenu Shilya, Shivaprakash Gowda and Mala Ram Manohar
APOS-Trends Orthod; 4(6) 191-195