Vol: 5 Issue: 1 (Jan - Feb 2015)

Editorial: Leadership: A virtue that orthodontic professionals need to posses
Nikhilesh R. Vaid
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 1-3

The Experts Corner: Current status of temporomandibular joint disorders and the therapeutic system derived from a series of biomechanical, histological, and biochemical studies
Kazuo Tanne, Yuki Okamoto, Shao-Ching Su, Tomomi Mitsuyoshi, Yuki Asakawa-Tanne and Kotaro Tanimoto
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 4-21

Original Article: Mandibular morphology and pharyngeal airway space: A cephalometric study
Siddharth Mehta, Surendra Lodha, Ashima Valiathan and Arun Urala
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 22-28

Original Article: A psychological study of people who seek orthodontic treatment: Comparison with untreated controls
Hamidreza Jamilian, Mehri Jamilian, Alireza Darnahal, Abdolreza Jamilian and Letizia Perillo
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 29-32

Original Article: Comparative evaluation of sagittal anchorage loss in lingual and labial appliances during space closure: A pilot study
Shivanand Venkatesh, Joe Rozario, Sanjay V. Ganeshkar and Shreya Ajmera
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 33-37

Case Report: Light wire auxiliaries with pre-adjusted edgewise appliance to control individual incisor torque
Sharanya Sabrish, Sadashiva Shetty K and Prakash AT
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 38-43

Case Report: Skeletal class II malocclusion correction using the Bass appliance
Jigar Doshi, Tarulatha Revanappa Shyagali and Kalyani M. Trivedi
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 44-48

Clinical Pearl: A simple ligation technique for rotated tooth
Abhishek Bansal
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 49-50

Book Review: Mini-Implants. The orthodontics of the future
APOS-Trends Orthod; 5(1) 51-52