Vol: 2 Issue: 1 (Jan - Feb 2012)

Research Gallery: Magnetic resonance imaging artifacts caused by brackets of various materials – an in vivo study
Deepti Razdan and M. S. Rani
APOS-Trends Orthod; 2(1) 1-5

Research Gallery: A comparative study of dentoskeletal changes of herbst appliance treatment among different skeletal maturity groups based on cervical vertebral maturation
Bodore K. Albaker, Ricky W. K. Wong and A. Bakr M. Rabie
APOS-Trends Orthod; 2(1) 1-6

Clinical Showcase: Camouflage treatment for class II div 2 malocclusions - a case report
Rekha Bhardwaj, S. Venkateswaran and N. R. Krishnaswamy
APOS-Trends Orthod; 2(1) 1-4

Clinical Showcase: Management of skeletal class III malocclusion with a palatally impacted cuspid
Chris Hn Chang and Sabrina Chiung-Hua Huang
APOS-Trends Orthod; 2(1) 1-8

Clinical Showcase: Orthodontic treatment in adult with type I temporomandibular dysfunction : a case report
A. Sai Prakash and P. Sudhakar
APOS-Trends Orthod; 2(1) 1-4

Clinical Showcase: An interview with trends in orthodontics... Dr. Jay Bowman
S. Jay Bowman and Vaid Nikhilesh R. & Gupta Ashish
APOS-Trends Orthod; 2(1) 1-4